BREAKING NEWS: Minmatar-Thukker Ragnarok Titan Jumps into Jarizza, Dropships Reportedly Landing on Halturzhan

New Eden News | YC110-06-10

Jarizza –A surface invasion of the sixth planet of Jarizza, 'Halturzhan', is underway following the arrival of a titan-backed Minmatar-Thukker armada. Thousands of dropships have landed on the planet, which just days ago was reported to harbor large populations of Starkmanir slaves.

There are numerous unconfirmed reports that Ammatar Consulate Governor Ana Utulf is encouraging citizens to “defect” to the invaders. Scope News agents cannot approach the planet to confirm these claims. Besides the initial attacks which destroyed numerous Ammatar Fleet patrols, there have been no reports of resistance.

Posted 13:05 GMT