New Eden News | YC110-06-04

Elgoi - The renowned Minmatar Republic biotech corporation Eifyr & Co. held a press conference today announcing the discovery of a large, "genetically pristine" population of Starkmanir slaves residing on the sixth planet of the Jarizza System. The Sisters of EVE, a charitable organization with an established humanitarian mission, apparently made the discovery "by accident" and reported the findings directly to Eifyr shortly after leaving the planet. The corporation confirmed the findings in a nationally broadcast press conference just moments ago. The survival of the Starkmanir Tribe, believed to have been extinct for hundreds of years, has shocked the Minmatar Republic.

"We have in our possession approximately one thousand unique samples taken from a population of slaves on the Ammatar world 'Halturzhan'," Eifyr spokesman Frelf Laer said. "We've completed genome sequencing on each of them. They're authentic. There's no lineage or association with the other tribes at all. We know they're Starkmanir because the sequences match those extracted from ancient burial sites."

When asked whether the Starkmanir population knew that, the spokesman answered "You'll have to ask the Sisters of EVE. They were the ones allowed onto the surface, allegedly to look into a viral outbreak that the Ammatar overlords couldn't control. This particular slave population specialized in agricultural labor, and I'm almost certain that none of them know anything about their own origins, or what their existence means to Minmatar."

The Sisters have referred all inquiries back to Eifyr, stating only that "They have all of the relevant facts. Our mission was and continues to be a mission of the human spirit, nothing more."