Breaking News: Home Guard Troops Open Fire on Constructions Workers; Dozens Killed in Resulting Riot

New Eden News | YC110-05-02

Piak III – Home Guard troops opened fire and killed at least one Caldari Constructions worker at the Armor Forge facility on Piak III, inciting a riot that claimed the lives of dozens of employees. Lured outside by Constructions CEO Torkebaira Shutsu for alleged negotiations on behalf of the employees trapped inside, a Home Guard sniper shot the Constructions worker as he approached the executive in the open. Recorded footage depicts a man believed to be Tibus Heth braving the gunfire to rescue the fallen comrade as the enraged crowd rushed the security perimeter, inciting a stampede that left numerous victims crushed or electrocuted. Anonymous sources have provided credible evidence that Kaalakiota CEO Haatakan Oiritsuu herself issued the order to use deadly force on the Constructions employees to retake the facility; the mega-corporation is furiously denying those claims. Tibus Heth, believed to be responsible for leading the revolt, is still alive after retreating back into the Armor Forge with the wounded Constructions worker slung over his shoulder as Home Guard troops and MTACs faced the rioting Constructions workers. Both sides are currently at a standstill; the Armor Forge remains under control of Heth and his loyalists. The dropship of Caldari Constructions CEO Torkebaira Shutsu was seen departing the Armor Forge just moments ago as Home Guard troops secured the perimeter and established triage centers for the wounded.

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