Break-In Reported at Federal Freight Headquarters

New Eden News | YC110-09-05

Leremblompes, Everyshore - As the workforce of Federal Freight arrived at their main headquarters today, they were shocked to find their offices in a state of disarray from a break-in that occurred during the early hours of the morning.

Despite the extensive damage caused within the office complex, nothing appears to have been stolen from the facility, leading investigators to suspect that this may have been an act of vandalism. Though Inspector Herevard Renour declined to speculate on the motive behind such singling out Federal Freight in particular, he did point out that the Leremblompes has a sizable subculture of disaffected youth. With nothing missing from the site, his opinion is that the assailants may have been disturbed during the break-in and fled the scene to avoid detection.

Federal Freight has gradually become one of the most trusted shipping agents within the Federation, maintaining an excellent reputation for cargo transportation and customer satisfaction. Additionally, Federal Freight has recently signed a high-profile contract with the Federation Navy to move supplies, including ammunition, to the various Federation naval fleets located along the Black Rise border.

Several Federal Freight employees have speculated that the break-in may have been the work of agents-provocateurs of the Caldari State attempting to disrupt the company's Naval contract operations. No specific evidence of such a claim has been found, and a spokesman for Federal Freight was quick to allay any fears that the break-in would impact the Navy. "Federal Freight takes customer service very seriously, and I can provide my personal assurance that this incident will in no way hinder our ability to fulfill our contractual responsibilities to the fine men and women of the Federation Navy. Further, we are taking every step possible to ensure that a repeat of this incident does not reoccur. Nothing was stolen during this break-in, and we are cooperating with the relevant authorities to get this matter resolved as quickly as possible."

As of yet no suspects have been identified and the investigation is ongoing.