Boundless Creation plays host to delegation from Thukker Mix

New Eden News | YC110-10-28

Hagilur - Executives of Boundless Creation today laid out the welcome mat at Hagilur as they hosted a delegation from one of the Thukker Tribe's largest recognized corporations, Thukker Mix.

Thukker Mix are perhaps best known for their cutting-edge ship designs, many based on standard Republic ship hulls, which have risen to prominence amongst the capsuleer elite. The Mix have also created a number of lesser known innovations that have found their way to the mass market.

Boundless Creations spokesperson Wyum Ril stated: "We have been involved in dialogue behind the scenes with Thukker Mix for some time and are now ready to take the next step into what we hope will be a prosperous relationship between our two groups. We'd like to give a warm welcome to our friends from Thukker Mix, and we thank the government for its continuing support of our efforts."

In the wake of the Elder War (the name given to the recent conflict by the Republic's citizenry), the stance towards the Republic's Thukker kin has started to shift substantially. The old government once pursued a policy of actively distancing itself from the Thukkers, who were widely regarded as scoundrels and vagabonds. This policy has been reversed by the new administration, with Sanmatar Shakor issuing his personal congratulations to Boundless Creation for what he refers to as a "move towards the future."