Bomb Outrage at Eliaron Idama Rally on Orvolle’s Scope Station

New Eden News | YC117-01-29

Orvolle - An explosion in the primary public concourse of the Scope Development Studio station orbiting Orvolle VI's first moon has struck an election day rally for presidential candidate Eliaron Idama this evening. Reports indicate the explosion was caused by a bomb and killed three, wounding another twelve. Councilman Eliaron was escorted from the stage by members of the Viriette Legion just prior to the explosion, interrupting the candidate during his address.

The names of the three killed in the explosion have not been released but it is believed they include members of the Viriette Legion. The wounded have been transferred from the concourse to the station's medical center to receive emergency care. Known to be among the wounded is Onara Shiikeru, assistant to the Arcurio administration on Caldari Prime and candidate Eliarion's partner. Ms Shiikeru remains in critical condition.

No group has yet claimed responsibility for the bombing, but Brigadier Tsuni Aina commanding the Viriette Legion commented, "Based on our initial analysis of the bomb site, it seems likely that Councilman Idama was the intended target." The Viriette Legion, an organization of retired Federal Marines of Intaki ethnicity, was hired by Eliaron Idama as security for the rally.

The Scope has learned that a Corporal Sotken was responsible for the discovery of the explosive device. According to colleagues within the Legion, Sotken disobeyed orders from her commander to retreat to a safe distance, instead returning to the stage to retrieve Ms Shiikeru who had fallen behind. One source within the Legion revealed that, "Corporal Sotken retrieved Ms Shiikeru, and shielded her with her body, probably preventing fatal injuries to the Councilman's partner."

Councilman Eliaron has since made himself available to the attendees of the rally following the brief chaos, joining them in the tertiary shuttle bay. "This is not the first time I have been between the crosshairs, and should think that it will not be the last," the Councilman said to the crowd he sat with. "But this is the first time others have been caught in those crosshairs and for that I am deeply sorry."

Despite the protests of Viriette Legion, the Councilman chose to stay with the attendees until the lockdown on internal station transit systems was lifted, joining them in prayer and leading discussions about recent developments in the Federation.

Eliaron Idama has often spoken out against organized crime and in particular groups such as the Aenebra death cult, notorious as enforcers for Serpentis-affiliated crime gangs in the Placid region and beyond. While there has been no claim as to responsibility, the Scope believes that the possibility that elements within the Gallente underworld are behind this outrage must be pursued.