Blood Raiders to start collecting Jovian body parts en masse

New Eden News | YC106-05-27

Sources within the Blood Raider Covenant have revealed that their leader, Omir Sarikusa, has commanded his followers to start collecting Jovian body parts, making it their primary priority. CONCORD has put their forces close to Blood Raider space on high alert, as they expect escalation in raiding activity into empire space. However, CONCORD authorities stress that space farers should not be excessively alarmed, as the Blood Raiders are only expected to make small-scale runs into empire space with a specific target in mind. Thus, activity should only increase within Blood Raider space, as their ships return carrying ‘liberated’ body parts.

Sarikusa, in his order, does not go into details for why he wants the body parts, though one can only assume he intends to use them for one of the ghastly rituals the Blood Raiders are so infamous for. Or perhaps Sarikusa has some contact with the Jovians and is hoping to cull their favor for himself. Certainly no right-minded pilot would want to see Blood Raider fleets boosted with Jovian technology terrorize space.