Blood inquisition on the offensive as the Insorum crisis continues.

New Eden News | YC107-06-10

The Blood inquisition, a corporation which has achieved notoriety this week with their very public campaigning and defence of Blood Raider space during their critical attacks, are stepping up their campaign another notch. News has reached us that the Blood Inquisition, along with 4 other covenant sympathiser corporations are planning to create an alliance with the goals of defending Blood Raider space and move their cause of bringing the Amarr Empire to its knees forwards.

Speaking to me earlier today, Myadra of the Blood Inquisition was full of pride and glee in the fact that a lot of their hard work in supporting the Blood Raiders was beginning to pay off. She spoke of her long term involvement with the cult. Working as a double agent in the Abolition party of Amarr - and later, the CVA - she told me how she tried to work pilots up against each other and create civil war in the alliances, destabilising one of the pillars of the defence of the Empire from within. "I have deceived and influenced the CVA command and PIE leadership to the Covenant's wishes, all the while still working for them, and almost causing a civil war."

Speaking of their goals, Myadra had this to say: "I'm just glad we have the tools now to make it all possible," referring to the Insorum drug that the Blood Raiders have been synthesising since seizing the wife of the late Dr. Hnolku.

When asked if they would ever hand over or sell the Vitoc cure, Myadra recoiled in disgust. "Since it’s a mutagenic drug, it cannot be synthesised without the proper research tools and databases that the good doctor had. Our plans for the drug is to further our cause. I would rather destroy it, than to let it fall into the Matari's hands. So no, we will not sell it or hand it over to anyone."

This news has caused predictable dissatisfaction in scientific communities; notably, those of the Gallente Federation and the Minmatar Republic, both of whom were clinging onto the hope of being able to obtain just a small sample of the drug - a commodity worth more than its weight in Megacyte.

Amarr Navy officials have reacted with contempt at the actions of the Blood Inquisition and other Covenant sympathiser corporations. "You can be assured that we will hunt these people down. They have let down their peers, the citizens they swore to serve when they took up their place as capsuleers, and most importantly their Emperor. This is unacceptable and they can be sure they won’t be welcomed back into the service of the Empire as anything but reminders of what happens to those seeking to betray their people."