Black Eagles Search Conducted at Gallente Charity

New Eden News | YC111-03-28

Renyn - The Gallente Federation's Special Department of Internal Investigations (SDII) initiated searches at Renyn Relief, an influential Gallente charity, related to security measures recently announced by President Souro Foiritan.

The charity's headquarters, located in Renyn, and a number of ancillary offices in Placid weretargeted, according to Kolin Lagarde, spokesperson for Renyn Relief. "No charges were presented against any of our employees. Whatever the subject of the investigation may have been, we intend to cooperate with the authorities in full," she added.

According to a Federal Intelligence operative - who wished to remain anonymous - the investigation would not be limited to this event. "Obviously, in troubled times national security becomes a major issue. I can understand why they are looking at Renyn Relief, and I expect that other high-profile organizations, especially those run by expatriates, will come under closer scrutiny. However, it is important not to turn it into a witch hunt."

Renyn Relief was founded almost a decade ago by Gaido Noreitta, a prominent Caldari prospector who made his fortune in Outer Ring Excavations before moving to the Gallente Federation.

The charity fund receives donations from a number of private backers and Empire corporations, such as Zainou, Sukuuvestaa, Six Kin Development, and Poteque Pharmaceuticals. It is most known for its planetside aid programs and recently launched several major initiatives to help the war-affected population of Placid and Black Rise.

The SDII and Federal Security, informally known as the Black Eagles, is a part of the Gallente Federal Intelligence Office in charge of all counter-espionage activities of the Federation.