Black Eagles Hold Private Meeting With Astral Mining Security Director

New Eden News | YC119-06-17 - By Ret Gloriaxx

RENYN - The Scope has learned that a meeting between the senior leadership of the Federal Intelligence Office's Special Department of Internal Investigations and Federal Security, colloquially known as the "Black Eagles", and Astral Mining's Regional Security Director for Solitude, was held at FIO Headquarters late last night.

While no details have been released regarding the meeting, it is believed that Commander Audere Esmoreures of Astral Mining visited the FIO for a short notice gathering to discuss details of the investigation into the Kyonoke outbreak on board the ill-fated Astral Mining RP4 industrial platform in Postouvin.

At this stage, the FIO's Office of Press have been unavailable for comment on the situation, however The Scope was able to speak briefly with Commander Esmoreures as he departed FIO headquarters this morning.

When questioned regarding the nature of the meeting, he simply confirmed that there were "discussions relating to new and critically important evidence in relation to the investigation into the RP4 incident" during the meeting and that "significant breakthroughs" have been made in identifying the source of the outbreak of Kyonoke that caused the death of 7,209,461 souls on board.

The Scope will continue to report on the situation as it develops.