Auviken Cynosural Jammer 'Blip' Prompts Investigation

New Eden News | YC126-06-19 - By Ret Gloriaxx

Auviken 19 June Above: Upwell’s Applied Gravitation Research Center and Prototype Skyhook at Auviken VI

Auviken Cynosural Jammer 'Blip' Prompts Investigation

Auviken, Nagaslaiken – Last evening, an apparent lapse in Auviken’s local cynosural jammer network lasting approximately 2.193 seconds prompted a brief high alert in anticipation of a potential intrusion into the system. However, once local monitoring stations confirmed a total of zero cynosural field activations or jump drive entries during or following the “blip”, the initial alert subsided to an escalated response readiness status. In a short public address, Auviken Space Patrol Chief Kuutseki Hartenen stated:

“The security threat posed by a malfunction such as this cannot be overstated, and we are investigating every possible avenue through which this ‘blip’ might have come to occur, intentional or not. I would like to reiterate that our monitoring stations detected no intrusions in the affected period. Furthermore, this incident is inconsistent with the attack patterns of established major operations that have threatened State territory. Nation incursions, Triglavian invasions, and most recently pirate insurgencies centered on Deathless forward operating bases consistently arrive in full force without such easily-detectable prior signs as today’s blip. It is therefore the opinion of Spacelane Patrol investigators working with State and CONCORD military experts that there is no present threat to Auviken.”

When questioned about ongoing concerns raised by the people of Auviken VI over the possibility of undue dangers posed by Upwell’s advanced prototype infrastructure through either attracting attackers or—in light of the horrific and avoidable tragedy of Turnur I in late YC124—by directly causing some disaster itself, Chief Hartenen responded with:

“I would certainly expect any reporter acting in good faith to recognize the clear difference between a stellar transmuter and a space elevator, and to avoid stoking baseless fears. What’s more, the abundant economic benefits and employment opportunities the skyhook prototype has brought to the people of Auviken speak for themselves. Spacelane Patrol does acknowledge the potential target presented by Upwell Consortium infrastructure in orbit and on the surface of Auviken VI. However, I would like to assure the good citizens of our sole temperate world that the top-of-the-line suite of planetary defense grid upgrades provided by Upwell as part of their construction deal is capable of detecting and dealing with any sizable threat from above.”

He concluded his address by stating: “While I am not at liberty to disclose technical details, we are in the process of identifying the source of yesterday’s thankfully uneventful incident and are taking precautions to ensure that no such malfunction can happen again.”

The Scope will continue to report on any further developments as they occur.