Ashes Figurehead Calls for Violence in Response to Unsubstantiated Conspiracy

New Eden News | YC126-06-26

Ashes Talwar

Ashes Figurehead Calls for Violence in Response to Unsubstantiated Conspiracy

A holoreel has surfaced in which philosopher, poet, and radical extremist Kamí Día accuses the four major nations of partnering with capsuleers to secure dangerous Triglavian research. In this holoreel, the ideological figurehead of the Ashes of Turnur calls on those who follow her teachings to seek out and destroy facilities researching either the Triglavians or the Abyss.

The holoreel was delivered to the Scope anonymously. Our research indicates that it was first distributed through underground channels sometime last week. In it, Día accuses the intelligence agencies of the four major nations of conspiring with capsuleers to trade in Triglavian research, adding “Thick smoke rises to the heavens and blinds the immortals, but I see the giants hiding while their agents stoke the embers.”

Día’s writings identify Triglavian technology and more broadly Abyssal Deadspace as corrupting influences on New Eden. A survivor of the Turnur disaster and the sole remaining member of her clan, Día blames the use of Triglavian technology for the destruction of her home planet. She has also condemned the Minmatar Republic for failing to prevent the catastrophe.

Though Kamí Día inspired the Ashes of Turnur, the group has no combined hierarchy. The Ashes is a loose association of rebel clans and military deserters who abandoned the Republic to follow Día’s philosophies. These philosophies are based on a vision of pre-occupation Matari that contradicts the findings of Republic historians and archaeologists. According to Día, prior to the Amarr invasion, Minmatar society focused less on the tribes and more on individual clans and personal freedoms. Freedoms that Día believes can only be regained through suffering and violence. As she puts it in her collection From the Flames, ”Death has changed us, but it has also burnt away the lies of progress. So, let us be joyful, and show those who are less fortunate the lessons the fire taught us.”

The philosopher’s radical anti-Abyssal perspective has gained popularity beyond the borders of the Republic. Her writings have become bestsellers in the Gallente Federation. In the Amarr Empire, the Ministry of Internal Order has banned her work because they challenge all forms of national authority. Ashes of Turnur sympathizers have also been arrested on Caldari Prime. CONCORD has even declared the Ashes a cluster-wide terrorist organization following their attacks on Caldari facilities.

The Amarr, Minmatar, Caldari, and Gallente have all denied Día’s claims of secret Triglavian investigations, dismissing her as a terrorist threat. Día offers no evidence of any such operations in her holoreel, or of capsuleer involvement, but suggests they are taking place in secret throughout highsec space: “In the heart of their kingdoms they fight over embers to win the honor of lighting their own pyre. I know what doors they open, I see the fire that walks through. Rejoice, my wild and wise ashes, for the time has come to smother their flames.”

News In Brief

  • Pockets of sleeper activity detected in highsec. Armed forces of the four major nations assure the Scope containment Operations are underway.

  • The Scope reaffirms safety of Ret Gloriaxx in response to viewer concerns over Auviken silence.

  • EDENCOM claims changes to Triglavian werpost redeployment a sign of success.

  • SOE under pressure to reveal the source of new NET Resonators as CONCORD investigates.

  • Capsuleer designers flock to Paragon Hub following its launch.

  • Holders outraged as tournaments in highsec disrupted by capsuleers investigating smuggling accusations