As the dust settles, countless Gallenteans dead on Caldari Prime

New Eden News | YC110-06-10

Caldari Prime - Since the cease fire order has been issued hostilities are coming to an end on Caldari Prime. A few shots can be heard at a distance but as this is reported even they are being silenced as the order from President Foiritan is spreading. With the Gallente troops laying down arms, Tibus Heth's soldiers are securing their objectives, setting up fortifications and rounding up prisoners.

The major cities of Caldari Prime resemble huge battlefields, filled with bodies of overwhelmingly Gallente ethnicity. Preliminary numbers are projecting hundreds of thousands of soldiers dead in the first five minutes of fighting as the Caldari State deployed the majority of their MTAC and Heavy Infantry reserves onto the planet's surface. Reports from both sides indicate that the Gallente forces fought bravely and stubbornly, but were completely overrun by the Caldari onslaught and were cut down like dead grass. Projections are also estimating "at least tens of thousands" of Gallente civilians caught in the cross-fire as the Gallente military responded to the attack.

The fighting might have only lasted a few hours, but it will be days if not weeks before every body is accounted for.