Ardishapur Family issues thanks to Tash-Murkon intervention

New Eden News | YC110-10-24

Ardishapur Prime - Yonis Ardishapur yesterday extended his personal thanks to the Tash-Murkon naval group which defended a Khanid convoy inside Ardishapur space earlier this week. The naval group, which was undergoing training exercises in a neighboring system, responded to Khanid distress calls and rescued the convoy from as-of-yet unidentified Minmatar attackers.

"The Tash-Murkon forces reacted swiftly and decisively to the distress calls. They threw away their regard for their own safety in the face of unknown adversaries, willingly risked the security of their own patrol routes, and entered into Ardishapur space without regard for any possible diplomatic repercussions, all in the name of saving lives. For that, they should be commended."

"I only wish they had informed the Ardishapur security forces in the area of their exercises sooner than they did. The presence of unidentified ships in a neighboring system caused our security forces to give pause, especially when they entered into our domains. It delayed our response time measurably, which could have caused extra harm to the Khanid convoy. Luckily, those Tash-Murkon ships arrived almost as soon as the distress call was sent out."

The investigation into the attacks is still ongoing.