Ardishapur Consolidation in Ammatar Mandate Welcomed by Populace

New Eden News | YC111-09-06

Tanoo, Derelik - Over a year since the Elder Invasion of Derelik, and more than six months since Empress Jamyl I assigned the Ammatar Mandate to Royal Heir Yonis Ardishapur as his personal fief, the consolidation of Ardishapur rule in the Mandate appears to be almost universally welcomed by the Ammatar populace. While the after-effects of the invasion continue to be felt, the influx of Ardishapuran aid and expertise to the Mandate has steadily eased the worst of them and restored the Derelik region's economy.

Since taking possession of the Mandate, Yonis Ardishapur has made large sums available to the Ammatar Consulate and the Ammatar Fleet. Civil and military reconstruction are proceeding at a rapid pace, with the recovery from the devastation wrought by the Elder Invasion largely complete in all but the most heavily damaged areas, such as the Jarizza system. While large slave workforce transfers have also been made from Ardishapur holdings into the Mandate, the amount of reconstruction work needed, combined with the fall in population due to the invasion and subsequent defections, has led to many jobs being created. With employment levels reaching an unprecedented 93% of able-bodied Ammatar (compared with 82% prior to the invasion), the overall prosperity and well-being of the Mandate population has increased significantly.

"The invasion seems like a terrible dream these days," said Eyfor Farel, a construction worker with the Ammatar Consulate civil reconstruction corps. "Of course, we see reminders that it was not a dream every day, but our lives are getting back to normal now. We have work, homes, food. God has provided these through the wisdom of the Empress and Lord Ardishapur." While these sentiments are shared by all Ammatar in public, some privately wonder if the Ammatar will be permanently relegated to a subservient status within the Mandate, following the appointment by Yonis Ardishapur of True Amarr Holders to most key positions.