New Eden News | YC110-06-07

Skarkon – After weeks of holding a symbolic grip on the planet of Skarkon II, the Archangels unexpectedly withdrew their claim to the Minmatar Republic world and all but disappeared from the system. The Republic Fleet has reportedly discovered dozens of abandoned deadspace facilities, control towers, and even moon colonies, all with evidence that the pirate cartel left in great haste. In addition to leaving valuable equipment behind, "massive quantities" of illegal contraband were also found. No explanation was provided by the Archangels except for a tersely worded communiqué to the CONCORD Bureau that all "territorial claims to the system are to be considered void and rescinded".

The Archangel’s sudden departure amidst a period of acute turmoil within the Minmatar Republic has left Republic Fleet officials scrambling for an explanation. Many expected the pirate cartel to exploit Midular’s troubles to the greatest extent possible. Rumors are circulating that the Starkmanir discovery is the reason for the sudden departure, but these claims cannot be verified.