Another Mordu's convoy attacked in the Outer Ring

New Eden News | YC107-08-26

Under attack from NORAD and Imperium forces, a Mordu’s convoy managed to evacuate the 4C-B7X station last Thursday.

A fleet composed of somewhere between 18 and 20 Mordu’s ships and the additional cover of reportedly nearly 20 freelance pilots travelling in a courier mission to the 4C-B7X system to retrieve Legion’s assets met a hostile combined force of NORAD and Imperium vessels.

According to Mordu’s convoy leader Lt. Amlerik Raun, operatives from MC, CAIN, KARN and PIXE provided cover while Legion ships docked, retrieved their cargo and left the system. After re-grouping in PF-346 the majority of freelance pilots escorted the fleet safely to the Legion’s HQ at 5ZXX-K. The assets were reported as highly classified. “We were not authorized knowledge of their nature”, said convoy wingman Lt. Omae Hitimo.

The reasons for NORAD and Imperium hostilities towards Mordu’s vessels are not clear at the moment. Lt. Raun reported his attackers acted on grounds of supposed territory ownership, claiming that neutral vessels were not allowed to fly in or through the system. 4C-B7X is under ORE sovereignty.

As reported in early June, ORE – Mordu’s relations turned sour after Mordu’s failed to show up to protect and ORE transport thus forcing ORE to request escorting assistance to NORAD/Imperium forces in the area, yet it is unknown if this episode was related to the recent hostilities.

Rumours have surfaced this week about Mordus and ORE finishing their contract due to the recent tensions, though there has been no official confirmation on the subject.