Angels Bring Food to Konora, Assert Control Over Colonies

New Eden News | YC111-07-08

Konora, Metropolis - In what many have termed an unusual development, Angel Cartel forces - by some accounts actually members of a breakaway faction - have shipped large supplies of food to the Konora system and directly distributed them to the various mining and industrial colonies scattered across the system. The ground forces accompanying the food shipments have reportedly secured the colonies and a spokesman known as 'Commander Origen' has asserted control of the territories "on behalf of the citizens of Konora system."

Reports from within the colonies remain sketchy but fluid router communications remain in place and the Kaalakiota Corporation facility remains secure and under control of station security. Kaalakiota are believed to be seeking urgent talks with the Republic government with regard to arranging passage for Home Guard units across Republic territory. No comment on this has been made by the government, but a brief statement has been released confirming that the Freedom Extension station and all gates remain operational and protected by sentry guns. The statement also repudiated all claims by Angel forces to be acting on behalf of local citizens.

Sources within the Republic Fleet have confirmed that Sanmatar Shakor has called a conference with senior admirals and the Metropolis regional commanders. An unconfirmed single source has claimed that the commander of a Thukker Tribe military caravan has been been invited to attend via holographic link. With commentators already comparing the Konora situation to the Skarkon Crisis of YC110, a spokesman for the Republic government has emphasised that it is determined to act with urgency to remedy matters.