Ammatar Mandate Food Production Restored to Pre-Invasion Levels

New Eden News | YC111-09-23

Tanoo, Derelik - Officials of the Amarr Trade Registry monitoring the Ammatar Mandate have declared that food production within the Derelik region has returned to pre-invasion levels with a consequent reduction in food imports from other regions of the Amarr Empire. Since the Elder Invasion, the Mandate has been highly dependent on food imports and has barely managed to stave off famine in some areas.

The Elder Invasion of YC110 caused widespread damage to many agricultural plantations within the Ammatar Mandate, despite the invasion forces limiting their strikes to military infrastructure and strategic installations which posed a threat to their primary goal of recovering slaves. As slaves were seized by the Minmatar-Thukker forces, the holdings on which they worked were often heavily damaged during the initial assaults. Further incidental damage, up to and including the burning of some plantations, is associated with rioting and sporadic clashes with Amarr troops during the invasion and in its immediate aftermath.

Adreyi Ezion, the Chief Financial Officer of the Ardishapur Family and the architect of much of the Mandate's reconstruction, welcomed the assessement of the Amarr Trade Registry and stated that the ultimate goal of the Ardishapur administration was to make the Ammatar Mandate self-sufficient in food staples and, eventually, an export partner with the rest of the Amarr Empire.