Amarrians display shock; relief over recent failed assassination attempt

New Eden News | YC110-04-05

On the heels of the shocking announcement that the missing Theology Council justices were executed by Imperial Paladins following a failed assassination attempt on Court Chamberlain Dochuta Karsoth, Holders and officials around the Empire are expressing varying degrees of shock and relief.

"This could have been a disaster," said Holder Athakus Penn. "Should the Court Chamberlain have fallen, the Empire truly would be rudderless. It is a sign of God's divine will that he was spared."

"I knew of Lord Falek Grange," said Holder Lyrvan Kourmos. "I never believed he was capable of something like this. It is hard to believe, but the proof is evident. That these Reformists have managed to turn someone so devoted to the Empire as Kourmos shows they are a deadly influence on the Empire. We should see to it that all of them are purged."

While everyone spoken to has condemned the actions of the justices, a few have stopped short of attacking their ideals. "It is a sad commentary on the state of affairs that this could even happen," commented Holder Iraj Darabi. "Wanting to change the rules of the Succession Trials is one thing. But I have no sympathy for men who would resort to common assassination to achieve their goals. As if murdering the Chamberlain would even achieve them. They rank as lowly as common Minmatar terrorists." Since initially making these statements, Holder Darabi has been unavailable for further comment.

A few even spoke with cautious support about the Reformist ideals. "The actions of a few heretics should not tear down the work of thousands of others," said an anonymous source claiming to be a member of the Imperial Navy. "I am not a Reformist, but neither am I wholly opposed to what they proposed. The Moral Reforms show that things can change. Would it be such a bad thing to reform further?"

Commoners, such as Layna Gig, an Udorian trader in the Tash-Murkon region, expressed relief at the news the Court Chamberlain was unharmed. "It's a good thing they found out about this before it could be carried out. The Court Chamberlain is a good man. I've got a cousin who met him once. It would have been a profound loss to the Empire."

Across the Empire, churches are setting up days of prayer and vigil for the Court Chamberlain's safety. Deacon Vitali, an organizer of one such vigil in the system of Hedion, explained, "Following a shocking event like this, the people are confused and upset. How could such things happen? Well, it is the job of the clergy to provide them with guidance, and explain that God was merely exposing those who had fallen from the true path. He saved Chamberlain Karsoth and showed that He approved of the current way. We must now express our proper thanks for His intervention through prayer."

Imperial Navy Admiral Atricus Kador - a distant relation to the main branch of the Kador Family - made assurances that the Navy would remain on high alert following the attack. "Navy patrols will remain at the level they currently are until such a time as it is judged there is no further direct threat to the Court Chamberlain," he said in response to questions about the continued presence of patrols in the Sakht system. When asked when he thinks that might be, he replied with a "No comment."