Amarr-Minmatar Political Tensions Rise - Border Skirmishes Reported

New Eden News | YC105-09-23

Uncertainty in the wake of Emperor Heideran VII's death has lead to increased tensions in the border region of Derelik, long a hotbed of criminal activity. Now to the widespread lawlessness of this area come rumors of a more political conflict: Minmatar ships conducting raids into Amarr space, and Amarr ships retaliating in what are plainly combat missions.

A Minmatar operative speaking under condition of anonymity said, "The death [of Heideran VII] has thrown the Amarr ruling families into chaos, and they are taking advantage of the power vacuum to act against the Minmatar people in ways that cannot be tolerated--the Roushzar Infamy is but one example. The time to act has come."

When asked about Ammatar targets, the Minmatar would only say, "Treachery taints everything the Amarr touch." Other sources indicate missing shipments of military hardware and precisely planned attacks against Ammatar-owned supply ships as proof of corruption among Ammatar corporations.

A representative of the Amarr corporation Civic Court Accounting would only say that the ruling council in San Matar had requested increased patrols, and independent Amarr citizens had "provided the requested presence."

Independent reports tell a third story. An Intaki pilot recounted seeing a force of Caldari commanded by an Amarr operating in the Bedaleya constellation, allegedly in search of a Minmatar organization known to have conducted raids.

Though few facts can be ascertained, it is certain that this turbulent area has seen an increase in hostilities, and it is a trend that will likely continue.