Amarr Make Legal Push For Prize Battleship

New Eden News | YC106-05-18

As reported in today’s Federation Tribune , a delegation from the Amarr Imperial Chancellor’s office arrived in Algogille yesterday to meet with officials from the Federal Administration, apparently in hopes of discussing the legal applicability of the will registering an Amarrian battleship to late reel star Gloria Monterneux’s estate.

The ship, an Imperial-issue Apocalypse, one of the most dangerous war vessels currently in existence, was subsequently inherited by Ms. Monterneux’ sister, Martina Monterneux, after which the bereaved sibling then donated it to the BIG lottery.

Since the BIG Corporation announced the giveaway in their newsletter last week, Amarr officials have maintained a steady stream of inquiries into the matter, both on the Federation front and within the Empire itself. No information as to how the ship came to be in the actress’s possession has been made available to the press yet, nor have Amarrian officials managed to make much headway in getting the Federation to make reparations. “Gallente law is Gallente law,” said Egliller Dasbrulier, Chief Coordinator of Public Relations for the Federal Administration, “and everything proceeded in accordance with that law. There is no need for us to second-guess the law.”

Responding to allegations that the Federation’s laissez-faire attitude towards Amarr inquiry constitutes a form of political retribution against the Empire’s highly-contested extradition of UDI terrorist Goran Mitelek last week, Dasbrulier gave a firm denial. The Office of the President was unavailable for comment.

The lottery is scheduled to go on as planned, with the drawing slated for May 24th.