Amarr Forces Deal "Crushing Blow" To Blood Raider Assets

New Eden News | YC107-07-01

In a statement released this afternoon by the Amarr Ministry of War, the Blood Raider Covenant's war effort is reported to have been dealt a "crushing blow" by forces comprising Amarr Navy fighters and capsuleer loyalist paramilitaries.

The release details a tactical strike last night against a key Covenant installation in the Sahtogas system, in which "the logistical backbone of the Covenant's war effort was shattered." According to the statement, the installation in question served as the chief research and development station for the Covenant's replication of the Insorum prototype, in addition to being one of the cult's main munitions dumps.

"The immediate threat to our glorious nation has been neutralized," stated Amarr War Minister Perimum Amyn at a press conference following the statement's release. "Now it is time to eradicate its cause fully. Yesterday we smashed the spine, tomorrow we go for the heart."

Since the original strike on Mabnen I earlier this month, no further chemical attacks have taken place on Amarr sovereign worlds. Blood Raider Covenant forces have likewise rarely been seen inside the borders of the Empire, and when spotted, have consisted exclusively of small raiding and scouting parties. According to an anonymous source at the Ministry of War, no further viral agents are thought to have been smuggled across the border and another chemical strike is considered unlikely.

Yesterday's offensive is being widely interpreted as indication that the Empire has taken to heart some of the criticism previously levelled at it with regard to the proportional response tactics employed by their forces in the war so far. This interpretation is lent support by evidence of the gradually escalating size and intensity of the Empire's attacks in the past few days.

The leader of the Navy force spearheading the attack, Vice Admiral Sathon Sarum, has been reported missing in action. His whereabouts are currently unknown.