Amarr Empress Announces Massive Investment Package for Caldari State

New Eden News | YC111-01-02

Amarr Prime - Empress Jamyl I revealed plans today for an unprecedented investment in the Caldari State by the Amarr Empire, promising trillions of ISK from the Imperial treasury, Amarr royal families, and other financial institutions. Speaking through the Amarr Certified News, Empress Jamyl said that the investment, entitled the Caldari-Amarr Economic Stimulus Agreement (CAESA), was "the first step in bringing our two great nations closer together" and that "this economic package is a sign of the Empire's faith in the industrial and financial acumen of the Caldari State."

The Amarr Empire's economic policy is traditionally insular. While economic ties between the State and the Empire have remained strong, most investments were by State corporations in the Empire. In her remarks, the Empress thanked the Tash-Murkon Family and the Khanid Kingdom for their assistance in negotiating the deal, declaring that the first investments will be for several billion ISK in bonds for Deep Core Mining, Poksu Mineral Group, and Minedrill.

Reactions in the Empire have been mixed. Members of the Tash-Murkon and Kor Azor Families have publicly lauded the Empress' economic plan, but religious conservatives and Amarr businesses have voiced their concern."The Empress is no doubt correct that we must support our allies [the Caldari State] during these times of war. But there are many faithful businesses in the Empire which could also use similar investment," said Hefsa Numrarat, a prominent cleric with ties to the Ardishapur Family.

In the Caldari State, Executor Tibus Heth thanked the Empress and reminded the Caldari public of the responsibilities involved with this new economic plan. "Do not think this is charity," Executor Heth announced to assembled reporters. "This is an obligation. By accepting [the package], we promise the Empire that they will receive a profit on their investment, which is in the interest of both nations. Our honor is on the line. I expect every citizen to do their State proud."

The Kimotoro Stock Exchange rose sharply after this announcement, with stocks of Poksu, Deep Core and Minedrill taking the largest gains. Poksu has already announced plans to buy a fleet of Outer Ring Excavation's new Orca-class ships, while Deep Core and Minedrill are discussing expansion of their refining capacity to take advantage of the rising price of tritanium.