Amarr Anger at Code Aria Revelations

New Eden News | YC110-04-01

Amarr – CONCORD Assembly delegate Lord Qumar issued the following public statement today on behalf of the Amarr Empire to voice their position regarding the leaked Code Aria report and the information released by CONCORD's Inner Circle at the last Assembly session yesterday.

"Let it be known that the blatant breaches of security and protocol on the part of CONCORD that have recently come to light are considered by our government to be an extreme violation of the organisation's charter with all four empires, which shakes the very foundations of trust between our peoples. By withholding crucial data concerning the unauthorised gate activations the Amarr Empire has been gravely insulted, and the safety of millions of our loyal citizens has been placed in jeopardy."

Lord Qumar went on to highlight the connection between the Code Aria Inquiry and the disasters that befell the Gallente Federation's past Artificial Intelligence programs over two decades ago.

“We have not forgotten that the Gallente Federation was responsible for building the jump gates referenced in the Code Aria report. Not to mention the apparent and evidently dangerous escalation of technological advances in the Artificial Intelligence field, a few of which are documented to have potentially gone awry in the past when left irresponsibly unchecked. The Gallente Federation's continued carelessness has been instrumental in the current state of affairs, where good citizens of all four empires must be constantly vigilant against the threat of the Rogue Drone menace. Had the Gallente Federation been more forthcoming regarding their reasons for handing responsibility of the gates to CONCORD in the first place, then things today may have been very different."

Lord Qumar closed his address and declined to take any questions on the matter. Commentators have noted that the tone of the statement bodes ill not just for CONCORD, but for Amarr-Gallente relations too, and it will be interesting to see how the Federation chooses to respond.