Admiral Saracen recalled; 7th Fleet on standby

New Eden News | YC110-06-05

Sahtogas - In a surprising move, Admiral Saracen has been recalled without explanation to the Throne Worlds, apparently at the orders of the Chamberlain's office. Commander of the infamous 7th Fleet ("The Saracens"), the Admiral has been conducting a ruthless pacification of The Bleak Lands in recent months, with some considerable measure of success. While the rebel Minmatar fleet known as the Defiants have been a constant thorn in the 7th's side, scoring some key victories over them, the overall result to date has been a positive one for the Empire.

The conflict in the Bleaks has been notable for a number of reasons. The efforts of both sides have been directly supported by capsuleer paramilitaries. These forces have been regularly engaging one another throughout the region, often in tussles for control over the Automated Defence Units erected by the 7th Fleet. It is also rumoured that the encrypted data fragments that have been changing hands in the area may have contained intelligence on the disposition of both forces and may have had an impact on the 7th Fleet's ongoing campaign.

Another factor which has distinguished the conflict from previous campaigns is the degree of autonomy afforded to Saracen and his officers. According to sources within the Imperial Navy the 7th Fleet has been operating with minimal input from Naval HQ Safizon, and apparently has a mandate from the Chamberlain's office to pacify the region by whatever means necessary. This interpretation seems to be supported by reports from Holder families in the area, which suggest that Saracen has been riding roughshod over the civilian population, detaining and even in one recent case executing Holders who interfere with operations. With Safizon stonewalling complaints, tempers have been rising among the Holder community in the Bleaks.

What connection this has to Saracen's recall is at this time unknown; some sources suggest that he may be receiving new orders, or being reprimanded for his behavior towards the Holders, while others credibly claim that he is receiving a personal commendation from the Chamberlain for the success of his military campaign. The 7th Fleet seems to be similarly in the dark, with reports indicating that they have suspended military operations during their admiral's absence.