Admiral Alexander Noir receives the Aidonis

New Eden News | YC110-04-30

The 160-year old Alexander Noir has been named the winner of the Aidonis Statue for the year 109. Noir, an Admiral in the Gallente Navy, has long been praised for his work in bridging the gap between the Gallente Federation and Caldari State. The Aidonis Foundation awarded the Statue to Noir for his lifelong efforts as much as his work over the past year, where he helped negotiate trade relations between the two empires, as well as amicably mediating several issues of border incursions by the two sides' navies.

"I am honored to receive the award," said Noir from his home on Gallente Prime, where he was joined by Gail Noir, his wife of 100 years. "I have long worked to bring total peace between the State and Federation. Once we were joined as brothers. And though those days have long passed, there is nothing that should keep us from being friends."

Noir has significant experience with the conflict between the Caldari and Gallente. He is the last surviving veteran of the Gallente-Caldari war, with most of his combat service coming as a yeoman on board a Dominix-class battleship. A member of the Navy ever since, he became a capsuleer some time after the war. His adoption of capsuleer technology also gives him the unique honor of being the cluster's oldest living capsuleer.

Despite his advanced age, Noir continues to work diligently in pursuit of peace. He is known throughout the Federation by the nickname the "Statesman of Antiquity," despite having never held or sought public office. "Many have wondered when I will retire," Noir said in his statement. "The real question should be, when will we find peace in the galaxy? Unless my body gives out on me before then, I'll never retire." He has continued to serve in the Navy, mostly as an ambassador to the Caldari State, where he is equally well known by Caldari Navy officers.

Contrary to expectations, Admirals inside the Caldari Navy speak of Noir with respect and admiration. "The man is a legend," said Admiral Janus Tovaan. "He is not an empty politician who speaks of peace without knowing the strife of war. He lived and fought through the most harrowing war in memory. I have only had the pleasure of dealing with him once, when I was only a Captain. He proved himself to be a remarkable, unique man."

In accepting the award, Noir emphasized that he does not consider it a culmination of his work. "The galaxy still teeters precariously on the edge," he said. "This award shows that my work is appreciated. But if anyone thinks that it means I will let go, they are sorely mistaken. We must always remain diligent against the specter of war. It is only through constant vigilance, not empty words and paltry gestures, that we can ensure that our children grow up in a world without war. I hope the leaders on all sides can follow my example and work toward peace. And I shall continue to strive every day for the continuation and expansion of the peace we now know."