Achuran Traditions Prospering In The Corporate World

New Eden News | YC110-03-03

In a seemingly direct response to the appearance of the strangely bright new star that has become visible in the star field across the cluster, participation in a number of Achura Stargazer mystical sects has seen a marked rise over the past few weeks. Shuuranien Olkkunen, a monk of the obscure Teur sect was quite sanguine in his explanation the phenomenon. "It is a symbol. Its mystery and wonder serve to remind us that all that we know of the Universe is not all that there is to the Universe."

Ever ones to capitalize on a trend, several Caldari entrepreneurs have begun offering a new business thinking course using the stellar object as its inspiration. Based on an old Achura meditative custom seldom seen practiced in recent decades, the course teaches its students methods of marshaling their thought processes for use in the corporate world. It is also believed that one practicing such techniques will find great fortune bestowed upon them. Bradner Ventannien, one of the course's instructors said, "By clearing the mind and focusing the thoughts, your spirit shines as brightly as the new light in the heavens. That brightness intrudes upon the consciousness of others, and you will be seen more favourably in their eyes. How can this not be of benefit to you when it comes time to hand out promotions?"

But many senior corporate officials are critical of this new craze, and insist that workers will do better to invest their money more wisely and focus their minds on their jobs rather than on some mystic hokum. However, the peculiar phenomenon continues to defy scientific explanation and as time passes merges deeper into the lives of people throughout New Eden in unexpected ways.