Abel Jarek Admits 'Sin of Pride' as Salvation Crusade Gains Converts

New Eden News | YC111-03-16

Pator - Abel Jarek, a cleric of the Salvation Church of Blessed Servitude, announced today that he was "guilty of the sin of pride" for building an Amarrian chapel in the main refugee camp on Matar. The admission by the charismatic leader of the 'Salvation Crusade' movement came as he welcomed the first fifty converts from among the Matar refugee population.

Constructed by Jarek's followers in their compound, the chapel was burned down by rioters opposed to the presence of the Salvation Crusade, which preaches Amarr religious belief by former slaves. Although many Minmatar have called for Jarek and his followers to be ejected from the Republic, the former slave has continued his work without interference from the authorities. The Republic government, while expressing disquiet at the conversions, believes that its hands are tied by the absolute right of return it offers to former slaves.

Cleric Jarek elaborated on his admission in remarks to reporters following the short service welcoming the new converts. "Following the destruction of the chapel, I prayed to God and meditated on what had happened. I realized that I had been guilty of a great sin, the sin of pride. I am not yet worthy to build a house for our Lord, and so I have chosen to preach in the open air and in our own homes. I pray that God will forgive me and look well on our humble offerings."

Arlek Wayf, a demonstrator against the Crusade, disapproved of the cleric's remarks. "This [speech] is a cunning ploy, and Jarek gets to play the pious and unworthy preacher." Among the new converts, Dyafene Irokor was willing to speak. "We are just worshipping our God in our own homeland. Where is the harm in that?"