A region changes face

New Eden News | YC107-06-18

As the ties between the ORE syndicate and Mordus Legion are on an all-time low, the populace of the Pure Blind region wonder about things to come. After only a few days in the region it quickly becomes obvious that the presence of Mordus Legion pilots has decreased. A good thing some might say but not according to the local citizens I have spoken to.

Although Mordus Legion is considered a pirate faction by the empires, the people living close to them describe them as honourable, at times unpredictable pilots. Many fear that withdrawal of Mordus forces will lead to a destabilization of the area, leaving them prone to – what they consider – pirates. When asked about what the future of the legion will look like, speculations range from regrouping at one of their core systems to the closing down of the unit.

Yet others, although they seem the minority for now, fear that Orion Mashel – the founder of ORE – has enraged Muryia Mordu to such an extent that an assault on ORE assets might be on the verge.

What remains for a fact is that Mordus pilots are on the move, but where they are headed remains a mystery for now.