7th Fleet reassigned, Bleak Lands calm again

New Eden News | YC110-06-07

Sahtogas - In a move which has surprised few, the Amarr Navy has announced that the 7th Fleet is being reassigned away from The Bleak Lands. Its new task will be to patrol the fringes of Aridia and defend against possible Serpentis incursions.

In the wake of its former Admiral's recent and very public disgrace, the fleet - known as the Saracens after their ex-leader - is regarded as being "politically volatile", with questions raised over the remaining officers' loyalties. The redeployment schedule has them transferring to the administrative hub in Yahyerer for extensive debriefing before moving on to their new base of operations in Bapraya. Due to the need to assemble the fleet and move replacement units in, most analysts expect the 7th to finally leave the Bleaks in a week's time.

The region they leave behind is a quiet one though - in that respect at least their posting has been a relative success. With the Holders appeased and the majority of the local marauders eliminated, an uneasy peace has settled. The Defiants, the rebel Minmatar fleet which has been plaguing the region, appears to have melted away too - with not one of their ships sighted in over a week and their coded channels having fallen silent. The exact reason for their departure remains something of a mystery, although not one most inhabitants of the region feel the urge to ponder too closely. For now, it's enough that the horizon is clear.