10 Year Fugitive attacked trying to clear his name

New Eden News | YC107-02-23

Systems with a 0.9 Concord Security rating don’t often see skirmishes. In fact they are considered the second safest classification of space in the Universe. However earlier tonight (Wednesday) there was a well organised and well co-ordinated attack in Renyn.

Yesterday was the 10 year commemoration of the death of Gregory Malubrian, a pilot who was killed, without a clone, at the Duripant gate in Renyn. The pilot who is credited with his death is Tinus Janatus. Concord records state that he was killed straight after his attack on Gregory, but he has had to remain hidden from the vengeance of the family whom Gregory had left behind.

However, tonight he was trying to clear his name. Meeting at the gate where Malubrian was killed with a reporter from the Scope, Silvia Frinor, who has a long standing reputation for uncovering the truth behind some of the universes most prominent miscarriages of justice.

Tinus was very jumpy for the entire encounter. He had obviously taken a great leap of faith meeting in such a high security zone. He kept making references to “those pilots” who were watching him, despite the fact that no-one was around.

He proceeded to spill out how he was forced into the murder, against his will. Details about who and why he was forced weren’t forthcoming. Frinor, with her experience in journalism managed to finally coax out the name of a corporation, the “Mercantile Club”.

His fears of being watched then proved to be well founded. No sooner had he uttered those words than 4 raptor interceptors uncloaked around the gate and proceeded to attack him. All of them were from the Mercantile Club Corporation.

Both Silvia and Tinus cried out for help. As luck would have it, the system was party to a higher volume of traffic than normal and many pilots responded to the call, including two pilots from M3g4 corporation who had been watching the whole exchange.

After barely 5 minutes of fighting, the interceptor pilots struggling their very best to stay alive against a much greater force than they had anticipated, the Mercantile pilots were defeated. Tinus got away unscathed, although he has since gone back into hiding.

LiNkIsMaXiMuS killed one pilot, Raisen killed another, whilst D'Artagnan destroyed two ships, and the pod of one of those pilots. All of them were thanked heartily by Silvia and Tinus, and were rewarded for their efforts. Silvia mentioned that the fact the four pilots uncloaked the very second that Tinus mentioned their name, means that there is more to this than meets the eye and will investigate as much as she can. But with all four pilots dead and presumably being reanimated right now, it could be an uphill struggle.