Year YC111 - September


Amarr and Caldari Development

In the Amarr manufacturing sector significant productivity increases were anticipated from September, as numerous companies planned for aggressive business strategies fueled by increasing volumes of high-end minerals entering Amarr space. Elsewhere in the wider Amarr Empire, the Ardishapur Family consolidation efforts in the Ammatar Mandate were reported to be widely welcomed by the Ammatar population. In addition, a major program of hospital and religious building construction in the Mandate further underlined the commitment of the Ardishapur to regenerating the Derelik region. In terms of the region's military infrastructure, the Mandate shipyards destroyed during the Elder Invasion were reported to have been rebuilt and restored to fully operational status.

The implications of the Caldari auction of occupied Gallente systems were felt across the Federation. The Ostingele III terraforming project was put on hold and Poksu Mineral Group announced its intention to take over administration of Material Acquisition's extraction and refining operations in the Uphallant system. Many Gallente investors called on the Federal government to guarantee assets annexed by the Caldari corporations in the occupied systems. However, the Poksu takeover of Mineral Acquisition's holdings in Uphallant was put on hold due to a contractual dispute between Poksu and Nugoeihuvi, the megacorporation that had acquired development rights in the system. The uncertainty of the Uphallant situation led the Gallente financial sector to heavily criticize the Foiritan administration but it was unclear what the Gallente government could do about the matter.

Strains in the Minmatar Republic and Beyond

With the Servant Sisters of EVE announcing a transportation initiative aimed at providing transport for thousands of emancipated slaves unable to afford to relocate out of the Amarr Empire, news that religion was a continuing issue of contention in the Minmatar Republic in the wake of the death of Abel Jarek highlighted the problems of absorbing and assimilating former slaves, many of whom were sincere believers in the Amarr faith. The efforts of former Ammatar Mandate industrialist Oguko Hagori to sue Urban Management for control of land his family once controlled also put a spotlight on the increased tensions within Minmatar society due to the impact of the returning tribes. In the event, the Vherokior tribal court was to rule against Hagori early the next month.

Some strain between the Minmatar Republic and the Thukker Tribe was also exposed by the case of the escaped Thukker crime lord Baliggan Krullefor. Although he had escaped from a Minmatar prison, the Thukker recaptured Krullefor and then refused to extradite him back to the Republic authorities. The matter was resolved with an agreement that the Thukker would hold Krullefor in their prison system for crimes against Thukker tribal law. Even so, the affair had caused some discontent on all sides and the outcome was not seen as satisfactory by many Republic citizens.

7th Capsuleer Tournament

The 7th Capsuleer Alliance Tournament took place during the month and was accompanied by the usual intense rivalry and thrilling contests, made more intriguing still by the radical new rules limiting numbers of ship classes in any given match. The tournament ended with Pandemic Legion successfully defending their title against challengers Circle-of-Two.