Year YC111 - May

May, YC111

Caldari and Intaki

Reaction to the appointment of Mens Reppola as Ishukone CEO was cautious in the Caldari markets, possibly due to the positioning of Ishukone in opposition to Provist policy by the new CEO. Caution was also evident in the reaction of Minmatar political and military figures, welcoming the appointment as a possible opportunity to begin repairing relations between the State and the Republic. External views notwithstanding, Reppola pressed on with asserting his control over the megacorp and installed his close friend and navy veteran Eborimi Shiskala as his successor in the Ishukone Watch CEO post.

The effects of the Caldari occupation of the Intaki system continued to be felt on Intaki Prime, as shortages of some high-end goods began to be experienced on the planet. Public concern at the occupation among the Intaki population was intensified by these shortages and the consequent breakdowns and maintenance delays seen in the communications and transportation infrastructure of the planet. While the planet was not experiencing the food and essentials shortages seen in Verge Vendor region, fear at the possible fate of the planet under Caldari occupation remained high. Many wondered if the grim tales of the occupation on Caldari Prime would be realized on Intaki Prime. Others suggested that the Caldari would be hard-pressed to invade another heavily-populated planet, with considerable planetary defense force presence, given the ongoing occupation of Caldari Prime.

Empire, CONCORD and Caldari Victory

There was unexpected news from the Amarr Empire towards the end of the month, as the Royal Khanid 1st Fleet was reported crossing from the Khanid Kingdom into the Tash-Murkon region of the Empire. As the personal guard fleet of King Khanid II, it was known that the fleet always accompanied the Khanid sovereign on any journey through space. The speculation that Khanid II was visiting the Amarr Empire was proved to be well-founded when he arrived in Tash-Murkon Prime and was met by Royal Heir Catiz Tash-Murkon. As the first visit back to imperial space of King Khanid II since his secession from the Amarr Empire, it was clearly a significant moment in relations between the Empire and Kingdom. The King remained in Tash-Murkon Prime for the remainder of the month, evidently consulting with the Tash-Murkon Heir, for whom this was clearly a diplomatic coup.

As CONCORD took the unusual step of issuing over twenty additional licenses for high-level capsuleer liaison agents, due mainly to profession and corporate demands, the continuing Caldari offensive against the Gallente began to have severe impacts on the Gallente economy. In particular, Pend Insurance, a major Gallente insurance, finance, and banking house, issued earnings warnings as the Caldari State forces continued to score successes in Essence, Placid and Verge Vendor. By the closing week of May, the Gallente navy and militia forces held out in only four systems.

On the final day of the month, the last remaining system in the CONCORD-mandated warzone in Gallente hands, Mercomesier, fell to the Caldari State Protectorate. The Caldari State had achieved total victory and occupied all enemy systems while maintaining control over all of its own systems.