Translator Module

Translator modules are devices that translate speech from one language to the next. While generally flawless when used with the primary languages of New Eden, they can have trouble with some older tongues.


The unique nature of the capsule with its sophisticated neural rigging gives ship captains the option to link their minds to all kinds of computer systems. One of these is the translator module, a standard software bundle featured in all capsules that allows pod pilots to communicate effortlessly with each other in their own preferred language.


Early translation protocols were limited to text input and often produced inaccurate results. Current versions, on the other hand, can translate voice and text input and are able to handle slang and accents as well as anticipate mood swings.

With the steady increase in cyber-implants these translators have begun appearing outside the capsule as well and many predict that within a few years translators will make the debate over which language should prevail in inter-racial communication a futile one.

Effects on inter-racial communication

As cyber implants become more common, use of translator modules outside the capsule has increased, a development expected to reduce and eventually eliminate the need for interpreters in inter-racial communications. The question of which empire language should be officially recognized will eventually also become moot.

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