The Traditionalists, a group composed mostly of historians and archeologists, were involved with the standardization of timekeeping in New Eden.

When the need for a standardized time throughout New Eden was identified, they said the only way to go was to base the new calendar as much as possible on the 24-hour, 365-day calendar favored by early post-collapse settlers. All the races, especially the Jove and the Amarr, had some data on the old calendar and by combining the data it could be remade more or less in its original form.

The Traditionalists focused their lobbying on the politicians of each faction, which turned out to be a wise choice once it came to light that the decision would be political in nature. They were opposed by the Arithmetics, who believed a new calendar should be founded on a scientific basis. When the final decision was made aboard the Jovian cruiser Yoiul, the Traditionalists won comfortably. A day would be divided into 24 hours and the year 365 days with an additional day every 4 years, the same as the calendar of the early settlers.

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