The Seven

The Seven is a criminal organisation, which split itself from the Serpentis a number of years ago. Led by the infamous Jakerion Pahydan, the Seven are known to operate brothels, casinos and pleasure hubs.

Early History

Under Jakerion's leadership, a small Serpentis cell shifted its focus away from narcotics and began to concentrate on people trafficking and prostitution.

The group took law enforcement agencies by surprise, building on early successes and growing from the handful of criminals from the original group, to developing a cluster-wide presence in a surprisingly short period of time.

Eventually breaking away from Serpentis entirely, the small organisation became known simply as "The Seven", a reference to Jakerion and the few individuals who followed him.

The Seven Today

The Seven has grown to become a loose-knit criminal organization. Each individual cell is largely self-sufficient, led by a member of an elite circle.

This means that while one cell might operate underground prison facilities and illegal slave pens, another will manage casinos, nightclubs and pleasure hubs. All across this spectrum of disreputable establishments, the Seven operate their people trafficking business.

They have become known for targeting and abducting the daughters of the corporate and political elite within the Gallente Federation, sometimes for financial gain through ransoms, but more often than not to subject their victims to a life of prostitution or slavery.

It's now common practice for corporations to reach out to the capsuleer community in response to these kidnappings, but the frequency of these calls for assistance to rescue these proverbial "damsels in distress" have led some capsuleers to become frustrated at the acute naivety of these young women, as they seem to be consistently vulnerable to abduction.

Despite operating throughout New Eden, the Seven themselves are not considered to be a serious threat. Their operations often leave behind damning evidence that identify the specific individuals involved, and with capsuleer intervention an almost daily occurrence, some official reports have gone as far as to describe them as "hapless".

Leadership, Notable Members and other Associates

The Seven are led by infamous outlaw Jakerion Pahydan, who uses the nickname "Zazzmatazz," taken from the hit movie 'Into The Deep,' which portrays a few Gallente heroes who brave the 'Seven's' stronghold and rescue the kidnapped leading lady.

Zazzmatazz is supported by an elite inner circle of trusted insiders who run various operations throughout New Eden.

First and foremost is his right-hand man, known simply as "Zor." Zor is directly involved in a wide range of illegal activities.

There are also reports linking him to cyber and tech-crime with some evidence linking him to a minor hacker identity 'Zbikoki.' It has also been suggested that Zor is responsible for coordinating the unofficial modification of neural implants, for sale on the black market.

Another high ranking member of the organisation is a pirate named Kruul, who's known to run a number of casinos and pleasure hubs. In addition to a personal retinue of henchmen, Kruul prefers to contract rogue mercenaries as personal bodyguards, and and is often reported to be seen with a disgraced former Ishukone Watch captain with the callsign 'Thorn'.

Other members of the organisation include the pirates Anakism, Elena Gazky, Locced, Olufami, Phenod, Schmidt and Surenna.

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