The Cheshm Khan

The Cheshm Khan is a security and intelligence agency of the Khanid Kingdom that answers directly to the King. In effect, the Cheshm Khan is the royal secret police force and perhaps the organization that the average subject of the Khanid Kingdom fears most.

As a critical element in the power apparatus of the King, the Cheshm Khan has almost unlimited call on the resources of the Kingdom. It is notorious for the cold brutality of its methods but is respected by competitors as a genuinely effective security intelligence service. Its ruthlessness and ability to obtain results is such that it has been compared to the Federation's Black Eagles intelligence agency.

Within the greater Amarr Empire, the Cheshm Khan is ranked for effectiveness alongside the Imperial Guard's Surveillance Brigade and the Amarr Naval Intelligence Service.

The Cheshm Khan's habit of securing sources of information and advantageous strategic partnerships in foreign states, as well as across the Amarr Empire, has given it a keener edge than most other Amarr intelligence agencies, which tend to be vast, unwieldy and rather inward-looking institutions.

Within the Kingdom, the Cheshm Khan has a pointed rivalry with the Royal Intelligence and Signals Command, an agency controlled by the Royal Khanid Navy's Admiralty.