State and Region Bank

One of the oldest banks in the Caldari State, the State and Region Bank dates back to before the Caldari secession and has a long tradition of being the bank of record for the elite of Caldari society. It caters to corporate executives and highly placed government officials – not that there is much difference between the two in the State. The Wiyrkomi Corporation has held a controlling interest through proxies and direct stock ownership since the Caldari secession from the Federation, when the Seituoda family carried the bank through rough economic times, largely for the purpose of securing its own sizable fortunes held by the bank.

The State and Region Bank has historically focused on conservative investments, such as low-yield corporate bonds, index funds, and precious metals, though it has provided short-term loans to favored clients for riskier purposes in the past. Over the last decade, however, a shakeup at the highest levels of corporate management has led to an increased amount of investment in cutting edge sectors such as celestial industry and colonial development, as well as expanding the market for their services to Amarr and Khanid clients as well as Caldari ones. This shift has caused some concern for members of the corporation's old guard as well as its partners in the Patriot faction, but so far there has been little actual resistance.

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