Sokavali Solution

Sokavali Solution is a corrosive preparation originally designed for skinning human corpses that were to be used for medical purposes.

Historical Background

This greenish acid was first developed to dissolve human skin by creating an electron transfer event in the molecules of ectodermal tissue. Discovered by Caldari scientists before the seceded from the Federation, it was intended to be used to remove the skin of medical corpses, leaving the muscle structure and all other organs intact and exposed.

Recently, it has come to more prominent uses in the food industry, where it is used to skin livestock whose skin serves no other purpose, such as blackfowl.

While the correct term is Sokavali Solution, the use of it in a joke in the comedic holoreel "The Holovid Repairman" has led to it being colloquially referred to as 'the green acid.'

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