Admiral Ouria was a Jove Admiral who had gone rogue after giving away a high-technology item to a non-Jove, thus violating the non-interference law imposed by the Jovian Directorate upon all its subjects. Ouria's defection was discovered when word spread of a secret meeting taking place somewhere in the Stain region of space between a group of Jove and an unknown party. During this meeting, an Amarr pilot who had been determined to investigate the proceedings was shot down by Jove ships, sparking a diplomatic incident between the two empires. Following this, the Jove released the information that Admiral Ouria had been stricken with the deadly psychological disorder known as the Jovian Disease and declared him an exile from the Jove Empire, disavowing responsibility and denouncing his actions. CONCORD went one step further, placing a 100 million ISK bounty on his head.

Reports continued to resurface sporadically from the Stain region, where Ouria's renegade band was rumored to be scouting around for territories to set up operations in. Their attempts were met with sustained resistance from the corporations of the Stain Alliance and after one particularly bloody and decisive battle, Ouria managed to escape into hiding. A few days later, information came to light that Ouria had developed ties with the infamous Minmatar rebel faction Oracle and rumors circled that he was in talks with them about an alliance. After managing to intercept communications between Ouria and one of his brothers, CONCORD was able to issue a general warning for the sectors of Stain space where the Admiral was believed to be located. Following this narrowing of the field, a massive fleet of Stain Alliance ships tracked down and engaged Ouria and his contingent of Oracle soldiers, defeating the Jove and his Minmatar cohorts after a long and bloody struggle.

Admiral Ouria and Veniel were often seen together.

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