Hamideh Kador

Hamideh Kador is the current Royal Heir-elect of the House of Kador. Known in royal circles as unwilling to suffer fools, Hamideh has fast gained a reputation as a very intelligent and capable leader. In particular, her powers of debate, persuasion and decisive command of family affairs has marked her as a key figure within House Kador.

Early Life

Hamideh Kador is the eldest daughter of Ekaziam Kador, first born of Torain. She was very attached to her great aunt, Temal, who competed for the throne after Heideran VII's death but lost to Doriam Kor-Azor and committed Shathol'Syn in YC105. Hamideh was 27 at the time and it has been said that she never truly recovered from the loss of her mentor, which is also responsible for her characteristic dark mood to this day.

Another factor has been the tendency for elders on her father's side of the family to be struck down by Turit Disease despite the rarity of the condition. Her maternal lineage also has a genetic predisposition to a pulmonary disease. Testing has revealed that Hamideh does not possess the genes for either. While this is seen as God's blessing it has been a source of great pain for Hamideh in that she spent most of her youth caring for and losing members of her family, in particular her younger sister, Jana, and later her mother. Hamideh rapidly learned to detach herself from the pain of the moment when making decisions, a trait that later assisted her career in medicine and carried over into her remarkable ability to cut to the heart of any issue placed before her.

After the loss of her sister, who died aged 9, and the experiences she had throughout her youth, Hamideh began to assert herself and take on responsibilities within House Kador whenever possible. She can be found a rather cold personality by those that encounter her but she has become a significant presence within Uriam's court. Hamideh's skills in debate are considerable and she has proven herself capable of charming other courtiers when the occasion calls for it. Her forceful presence is most often expressed by her blue eyes, a striking feature that Hamideh has used to good effect to arrest an audience before she's even impressed them with her oratory and wit. She received the same intensive tutelage in deportment and discourse that have led to the upper echelons of the Kadorian family gaining their cultured reputation. Despite her instruction and restraint she is in essence an introvert and does find it difficult to conceal her temper when her energy wanes. She is also particularly renowned for her withering stare when her authority is questioned.

Hamideh is an excellent clinician and armed with the direct experience of the genetic diseases in her family she went to university intending to work in health. As her father's early onset Turit's Disease led to uncharacteristically rapid deterioration she acknowledged that she would be destined for higher appointment, replacing him in his role. She studied a combination of medicine, medical administration and education at the Royal Amarr Institute and after graduation she spent a short time working in hospitals before she became the Kadorian head of Health and Education by the age of thirty. Since her father retired from public life in the same year, Hamideh has moved to the capital and spent a great deal of her time under the direct tutelage of her cousin, the Royal Heir Uriam Kador. She is known to frequently advise him on a range of issues, while she herself often seeks her ailing father's counsel.

Heir Presumptive

She was considered far too young at the time of Doriam's assassination to be considered eligible to rule and this has driven herself to prove herself in the interim. She has stated her desire to be the ruler she knew Temal would have been.

Hamideh is an artist and healer at heart but has taken to her studies of business and logistics very well while working with Uriam. She has been given a great deal of responsibility governing and reporting to Uriam on the distribution of civil, medical and even military assets in the Kador region. It was Hamideh's initiative that led the house to commercially release the characteristically blue color scheme being applied to Kador ships, the funds of which were channelled into educational infrastructure and medical research projects. Her first project using these funds was the major restoration and expansion of St. Turit's Memorial Hospital.

Even more importantly for House Kador, Hamideh has been the leading figure in the ongoing process of recovering and rebuilding the fleet assets of House Kador. A good personal relationship with Empress Jamyl I, combined with her capabilities as a negotiator led to the restoration of some Kador fleet elements that had been confiscated following the Kador-Gallente Incident of YC110. This achievement elevated Hamideh in the eyes of the family for its effect in restoring a good measure of prestige and honor to the Kador name.

Royal Heir-Elect

In light of her many contributions to House Kador, the family council, at Uriam's recommendation, chose to confirm Hamideh as Heir-elect ahead of the Imperial Succession of YC118.