Girani-Fa incident

The Girani-Fa incident was an incident between the Gallente Federation and the Amarr Empire around YC 95. At the time, the Federation and the Empire clashed over ownership of the mineral rich system Girani-Fa, located close to both their borders. After the Empire discontinued negotiations with the Federation delegation, the dispute seemed to be headed straight for all-out war.

But a few days later an extraordinary thing happened. The Amarr declared that while they were ready to continue negotiations, they would only conduct them with representatives from the Quafe Company, claiming the latter were the only group within the Gallente Federation with enough vested interest on both sides of the border to be able to look at the matter from a neutral perspective. The Gallente government, looking to avoid war, agreed to these requests and so a delegation made up of top Quafe Company executives was sent to meet with the Amarr delegation. A few weeks later an agreement was reached: the system would remain under Amarr sovereignty, while the Gallente would be free to mine there as long as they sold a fixed amount of minerals to the Amarrians each year at cost price.

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