Gallente Federal Districts

The political, economic and social geography of the Gallente Federation has developed such that, as of YC122, there are 6 regions, comprising 54 constellations, covering a total of 388 systems.

The federal democratic geography of the Federation is expressed at the highest level of division by 62 Federal Districts, which are in turn split into 903 sub-districts or "subs", based on population and in-system geography.

Typically, Gallente Federal Districts are organized such that each district is co-terminous with a Federation constellation. A district is divided into sub-districts that generally range in geographical division from the size of single planets to the size of systems.

However, due to population densities being particularly high in certain constellations and on certain planets there are exceptions to this general rule. Six constellations have been split into two districts, while the heavily populated Crux constellation comprises three districts.

These seven exceptional multi-district constellations are split into 15 districts, with the remaining 47 constellations making up the total of 62 districts across the entire Federation. Luminaire itself is the sole single-system district of the Gallente Federation and several of its planets contain numerous sub-districts.

Certain other districts with heavily populated planets feature several sub-districts on one planet, with Intaki and Lirsautton systems being notable examples.

Multiple District Constellations

(Constellation Name - District Capital System)

  • Crux - Luminaire (Only)
  • Crux - Mies
  • Crux - Duripant
  • Algintal - Jolia
  • Algintal - Parchanier
  • Osnins - Aice
  • Osnins - Bereye
  • Thoulde - Aporulie
  • Thoulde - Yona
  • Vieres - Villore
  • Vieres - Arant
  • Viriette - Intaki
  • Viriette - Vey
  • Ysiette - Lirsautton
  • Ysiette - Jascheris

Districts and Representation

Federal Senators are elected on the basis of sub-districts, with the subs functioning for this purpose as single-seat senatorial constituencies.

Federation Districts also have representation through District Parliaments. Additionally, districts and sub-districts are often used as the basis for organizing local legislative assemblies and other representative bodies.

A structure of executive governors is also in place primarily for the purpose of running star system level administrations, co-operating through constellation and regional councils of governors. It is not unknown for governors to clash with district and sub-district parliaments and assemblies.

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