Gallente Corporations

Gallente Corporations

The Gallente Federation has a strong central government and thriving democracy that is accompanied by vibrant market economy. While their methods are usually more subtle, a good case could be made for considering certain Gallente corporations fully the equal of Caldari megacorps in terms of their power.

Government Organizations

The Gallente Federation may have a highly-distributed, multi-tier democracy but the central government is unquestionably very powerful. The President and Senate preside over the apparatus of an interstellar dominion that rivals the Amarr Empire.

Federal Administration

The Federal Administration has greater presence in space than the bureaucratic apparatus of the other empires. This is mainly due to the fact that space travel became a common thing for the ordinary Gallentean citizen much earlier than for the other empires and also because inter-stellar trade is proportionally much larger in the Federation than elsewhere.

Federation Customs

With trade, especially inter-stellar trade, such an integral part of Gallentean society, it is no wonder that the Customs office has gained so much power and influence. Goods are constantly flowing in and out of the Federation and the Customs have its hands full in monitoring that everything is done by the book.

Federal Intelligence Office

The FIO answers directly to the President and its works are shrouded in secrecy and covert operations. It is believed to operate an extensive spy network that is only rivaled by the Jovians.


The President is the head of the executive branch of the Federal government. In many respects he is the most powerful individual in New Eden. The current President of the Gallente Federation is Celes Aguard.


The Senate is the legislative arm of the Federal government. It also oversees the Federal budget, which gives it great powers. The Senate has often been weakened by factionalism, but the current one has often presented a united front to the President, making his life very hard.

Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is the highest judicial institution in the Federation. It makes sure the Federal constitution is upheld, but it is mainly concerned about the higher truths of authority, striving to make the administration as open and honest as possible.

Federal Military

The military is one of the most powerful institutions in the Gallente Federation and is considered to be one of the guarantors of Gallente democracy. Despite a history that has had its fair share of controversies, the military continues to be a force within the politics of the Federation that cannot be ignored, even if its influence is seldom discussed openly.

Federal Defense Union

The Federation has awoken to the threat, and now its strength shall be tried. We wanted peace, and now we are faced with war, provoked by the destructive Caldari. We need brave pilots to fly into the fray and protect not only the ideals for which we stand, but the Federation that upholds them in these dark times. Join us, capsuleer. With your strength and your conviction we shall endure.

Federation Navy

The Federation Navy has seen better days, since the end of the war with the Caldari and the thawing in relations with the Amarrians the budget for the Navy has been slashed severely. It still relies on its drone armada to defeat opponents, but ship wise the Federal Navy is lacking.

Commercial Organizations

All manner of corporations do business across the Federation. Homegrown corporations range from giants like CreoDron or Quafe, to minnows like Allotek or Inner Zone Shipping. Gallente markets are vast and diverse, with the interstellar players adept at finessing handsome profits out of doing business across the Federation's many member states.


A well-run retail company that has a broad inter-stellar scope, with operations in all the empires. Aliastra has not been able to compete domestically with FedMart, but has seen moderate success in other empires.

Allotek Industries

Allotek Industries is an offshoot from Roden Shipyards, founded several years ago to develop and manufacture top quality ship modules. Though the company is still in its infancy it already has an impressive product catalog that promises great things for this company in the future.

Astral Mining Inc.

Astral Mining is considered by many the best run mining company in the world of EVE. It is well organized, with well defined surveying, mining and selling divisions that year after year make Astral Mining one of the biggest earners in the corporate world.

Bank of Luminaire

The national bank of the Gallenteans, located on Gallente Prime. The bank has been in operation for many centuries and has a web of vested economical interests throughout the Federation, allowing it to participate or interfere with most aspects of Gallentean society.

Chemal Tech

Chemal Tech is an established hi-tech company that was at the forefront of electronic warfare technology a few decades back. Though the fortunes of the company have somewhat dimmed since then it still cranks out top quality EW equipment.

Combined Harvest

The main agricultural company in the Federation, Combined Harvest is conservative and passive in nature. It operates solely within the Federation and has no aspirations to muscle in on other markets. However, it is extremely paranoid about its own market share and is willing to go to any length to protect it.


Founded by Old Man Darieux after his return from his fantastic journey to the Ouperia system, CreoDron has been the leading corporation in drone manufacture and development for many years.

Duvolle Laboratories

Duvolle Laboratories is one of these rare companies that focus more on the research than the practical application of their discoveries. Duvolle is engaged in a myriad of R&D, ranging from hi-tech weaponry to nano-robots to cloning equipment.

Egonics Inc.

Egonics holds a unique place in the music industry. The company uses a special technology for broadcasting sound, which has become extremely popular, especially amongst the younger generations. Egonics employs its own music makers and can tailor the music to the individual taste of every listener. Not everyone is happy with the Egonics technology and it has been outlawed from the Amarr Empire.

Federal Freight

Even though Federal Freight is smaller than many other shipping companies it is still the most recognized shipping brand within the Federation. The company is old and established and has always concentrated their efforts within the Federation, even at times when it seemed lucrative to expand out of it.


The largest retail corporation in the world of EVE, FedMart is close to having a monopoly within the Federation, something that is of great concern to the Federal administration.

Garoun Investment Bank

The Garoun Investment Bank specializes in funding startup companies, especially in the hi-tech and entertainment sectors. It's owned by Quafe and the media mogul Raphel Bar, who formed it to further their influence in these vital industries.


Impetus is the main producer of holo reels in the world of EVE, producing anything from epic historical movies to cheap porn flicks. Impetus has in recent years led the development of instant news arrays, a technology that will revolutionize the news business once complete.

Inner Zone Shipping

A small shipping company that specializes in the bulk shipment of raw materials. The Bank of Luminaire bought a majority share recently and has employed IZS in shipping money and other valuables between stations, due to IZS' excellent security system.

Material Acquisition

Material Acquisition has grabbed a sizeable market share in the short time since it was founded, mainly due to its ruthless business practices and tendency to buy out competitors. MA's mother company is Quafe, which has poured money into MA in an attempt to make it the largest mining company in the Federation.

Pend Insurance

Pend Insurance was founded by Pier Ancru some 20 years ago. Ancru is a true Gallentean success story; he comes from a very poor background, but through grit and determination, he rose to the top and is one of the richest people in the Gallente Federation today. His company is mainly an investment firm, though they also act in the role of a traditional bank.

Poteque Pharmaceuticals

Poteque is one of the leading biotech corporations in the world of EVE. In its rich history it has often worked small miracles in discovering or developing cures for a host of human sicknesses. It is currently embroiled in a top secret research project for the Federal government, the result of which should come to fruitition in the near future.

Quafe Company

One of the largest corporations in the world of EVE, Quafe bases its phenomenal success on their extremely popular Quafe drink. But the company operates in many other fields and its power is such that it has a considerable political clout.

Roden Shipyards

Owned by the infamous Jacus Roden, a robber baron and scoundrel if there ever was one. Under his cunning leadership the company has established itself as a leading manufacturer of frigates and shuttles in the Federation. The company also operates a strong R&D division, Roden has been active in hiring the best talents out there, often by prying them from other companies with promises of fame and fortune.

The Scope

The Scope is the leading news agency in the world of EVE. Though based in the Federation the company takes pride in its total independence and operates separate agencies throughout the world. The Scope swings slightly to the left, but its conservative enough to be considered a reliable news agency even to the toughest businessmen and politicians.

TransStellar Shipping

The largest shipping company in the world of EVE, TransStellar Shipping offers a cheap and reliable service almost anywhere. Considered the next best thing to InterBus in interstellar shipping, TransStellar Shipping is a stellar example of a big company getting bigger due to pure marketing muscle.

Gallente Schools

Gallente education institutions are exemplary, and the most prestigious provide generous scholarships to those who can pass their exacting entrance exams but are unable to afford the fees and considerable living costs.

Center for Advanced Studies

Originally conceived as a think-tank for researchers at Chemal Tech the CAS evolved into an independent education facility that today is considered one of the very best technical schools in the world of EVE.

Federal Navy Academy

The Federation Navy acts upon a recent policy of upgrading the professionalism of its cadets. The result is a leaner, meaner academy with much stricter entry requirements than before and even stricter tutoring.

University of Caille

The largest school in the world of EVE, with almost half a million students, the UoC has long acted as a melting pot for cultures and ideas from all over. As befits its status UoC offers a wide range of studies, but is best known for its extensive anthropology department.

Mercenary Companies

The vastness and diversity of Gallente territory makes for a ready market for the services of private military companies. Disputes between member states or corporations can reach the point of requiring force, or at least the threat of it. Even in the Federation mercenaries are available for jobs large and small.

Algintal Core

Originating as a military unit seconded to corporate interests studying the behavior of rogue drones in the Algintal constellation, the Algintal Core have maintained a clinical care and attention in everything they do, even after cutting formal ties with the original research effort and Federation military alike. Exposure to the realities of corporate life has inevitably added a certain cynicism to the attitudes of the founding operatives, which has served them well as suppliers in the military services sector.

Condotta Rouvenor

Very much formed in the image of a traditional mercenary regiment from the time of kings on Gallente Prime, the Condotta Rouvenor nevertheless uses the most modern equipment and military techniques. The services of this prestigious private security corporation are always in demand.

Crux Special Tasks Group

In April YC108, following certain archaeological discoveries in the Crux constellation, the Gallente Federation assembled a special tasks group reporting directly to the Federal Intelligence Office. Whatever the Crux discoveries amounted to has never been made public and those who led the expedition are currently listed as working for the Federal government in various confidential roles. The Crux Special Tasks Group was eventually privatized under Federal directive and licensed to carry out paramilitary operations in the corporate security sector.

Kang Lo Directorate

The Sang Do caste overlords of Lirsautton V have occasionally had to take drastic steps in dealing with one another and the Jin-Mei homeworld has even seen civil war. The Sang Do traditionally called on a military sub-caste, the Kang Lo, to organize and command their armies in the field. In the modern age, the Kang Lo Directorate provides private military contracting services well beyond the confines of the Lirsautton system.

Namtar Elite

Persistent rumors claim that the Namtar Elite private military corporation is little more than a front for the Black Eagles, the Federation's most ruthless internal security and intelligence agency. Others suggest that the corporation has spread those rumors to enhance its mystique using the intimidating reputation of the Black Eagles. Whatever the truth of the matter may be there are no shortage of customers willing to hire Namtar Elite's mercenaries.

Ostrakon Agency

A mercenary corporation that has made a practice of hiring dishonorably discharged members of the Gallente military, the Ostrakon Agency is considered a rather suspect organization by the Gallente media and they regularly run stories about its activities. Unperturbed, the Agency carries on with its business of contracting soldiers and other personnel for service in conflicts throughout New Eden.

Villore Sec Ops

In the wake of the infamous Elarel massacre, the Quafe megacorporation, hugely embarrassed by the incident, dismissed almost the entire upper echelon of its security division. These men and women promptly formed their own private security company and, forced into taking jobs most would not by the taint of their failure at Elarel, rapidly gained a reputation for absolute ruthlessness and total dedication to getting results for those giving them contracts. The board of Villore Sec Ops now presides over one of the most important mercenary contracting organizations operating in Gallente space.