Gallente Bloodline

Descendants of ancient settlers on the planet Gallente Prime in the Luminaire system, Gallente value freedom and individual liberty above all else. Founders of the only true democracy of New Eden, they have created an ethnically diverse, culturally rich, progressive society that encourages enterprise and initiative in its citizens. While slow to anger and occasionally indecisive, they are also capable of harnessing enormous military and economic resolve when tested: either by the charismatic leadership of a national icon, or by the searing injustice inflicted by a national enemy.

Racial Traits

Gallente males tend to be highly ambitious and inquisitive, though also opinionated. Honesty is the most valued virtue among them, and in their eyes the views of conscientious objectors and altruists earn just as much respect as those of famous leaders or war heroes. Gallente men are generous in their friendships but also make ardent adversaries. They are widely recognized for their selflessness and valor in times when they sense that the freedom of others is threatened.

Born to work hard and play hard, Gallente females have a zest for life that is often times contagious. Assertive yet kind, their spirit is outgoing and lively. They are the model of self-empowerment, and can be very creative and resourceful. Extremely confident individuals, no profession is beyond their reach.



Gallente citizens tend to be more politically aware than the citizens of other nations, and many devote their efforts towards one or more of a multitude of causes that suit their ambitions. For such an activist, things might not be perfect, but things will never change for the better unless someone has the courage to fight the good fight.


While every spacefaring nation relies on mining the rich bounty of space for resources, the Gallente esteem their miners as the key providers that supported the rise of their civilization. Mining is a cultural icon for the Federation, which credits the pioneers of this industry as having selflessly braved the remote dangers of space to help pave the way for exploration and growth. Driven by consumerism and ambitious mega-projects, the Gallente Federation continues to generate heavy demand for minerals, and as a matter of national pride loathes dependence on other nations to acquire them.


No other nation is as welcoming to immigrants as the Gallente Federation. Between the huge demand for labor, the libertarian culture, and social policies of the government, hard-working immigrants of every race, creed, and color can build a dream life in the Federation, the land of opportunity.

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