Fazian Shalah

Fazian Shalah is an Amarr Holder who is a member of the Kor-Azor Family court.

His accounts were frozen, his property confiscated, and his business brought to a halt after, in a moment of drunken revelry, he made an impolite comment about the forehead decoration of then-Imperial Chancellor Serude Sakekoo. He and his famiy were left destitute afterward, so in desperation Fazian turned to Aritcio Kor-Azor to intervene.

After some deliberation, Aritcio agreed that Sakekoo's actions had been unjust and ordered Shalah's accounts unfrozen, his property either returned or compensated for, and his position restored. However, to ensure that he had learned his lesson about insulting others, Kor-Azor ordered that Shalah's tongue be cut out.

Dumbstruck, Shalah was dragged out by guards. Shortly after, a Speaker of Truths arrived to address the grievances of Holders against Aritcio, so it is unknown if Kor-Azor's sentence was carried out.

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