Everyshore is a central region of the Gallente Federation. It is home to the Jin-Mei and Mannar peoples. It was the first region after Essence to be fully colonized after the Federation's founding.

The asteroid belts of this region were found to hold significant amounts of Veldspar and Scordite, which the Federation mined with particular vigor in order to fuel construction projects that its quickly expanding borders required. When the belts were mined to a level that made large scale operations uneconomical, attention shifted to the region's planets and the mineral content contained within.

An incident on a planet in the Aclan system forced the government to intervene. Astral Mining Inc., filling a large contract for the Federation Navy, introduced herbicide into the atmosphere to clear the jungle and enable mining to begin. Outraged at this senseless destruction, where many species of flora and fauna were lost that had not even been studied, prominent ecologists managed to force a bill through the Senate: No planet that supported any life-form was to have its ecosystem disrupted in any way without a license being granted from the Senate. This law became known as The Aclan Agreement and it remains in place to this day.

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