Corporate Police Force

The Corporate Police Force is the police and security arm of the Hyasyoda Corporation mega corporation. As the mega corporations only trust each other so much, they all have their own police force to guard their properties.

As Hyasyoda's private security corporation, the Corporate Police Force, focuses on counterintelligence and counterespionage work, largely due to its parent company’s distrustful nature. As a result, it is one of the most effective corporate security forces in the State, despite Hyasyoda's small relative size to most of the other megacorporations. It is not uncommon for CPF agents to be contracted by the Navy for their expertise on such matters.

In comparison, the CPF does not maintain as large a military force as the other megacorporations, preferring instead to protect its assets through superior intelligence networks. However, these civilian police forces are second to none; while corporate police are often seen as softer on run-of-the-mill crime, the CPF is a notable exception, and many independent corporations use the CPF as their preferred security provider.

The CPF tends to favor smaller, better-equipped starcraft for its operations, especially those ships equipped with high-end electronics. The Ishukone-designed Falcon is a particular favorite of the CPF, and they are common sights near Hyasyoda colonies and installations.

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