Chalmers was an Amarr mercenary. In his last mission, he was part of a force that attempted to displace a group of backward Amarr settlers from a mineral rich valley on a planet in contested space.

Final mission and death

He seemed to have a clowning personality, and made an off-hand joke during an important business meeting related to the mission. Chalmers, along with the rest of the mercenary group, was captured while on the planet by the settlers, who were revealed to be part of a Sani Sabik-influenced cult.

During a sermon, Chalmers was tied to a stake and offered a chalice of blood to drink. Like the others, he refused the drink, but he also spat on the priest and then struggled against his bindings. He was taken out of the room and hooked up to a machine which slowly drained him of his blood until he expired. Later, his blood was offered to his fellow mercenaries as the priest attempted to convert them to their faith.

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